Life of a Dyspeptic banner image

Life of a Dyspeptic

Life of a Dyspeptic describes himself as a Cultural Sojourner focused on food–particularly of the fermented variety. He is currently traveling around South America learning about coffee, pisco, wine, and more. This client wanted a logo that showed the importance of food as culture.

Initial Concept

My client asked for a holy grail cocktail as the primary figure of the logo. He specifically wanted a little umbrella, lime wedge, and a straw. I had drawn many different iterations of a grail and decided that something recognizable outweighed a complex design. However, I was not proud with the smaller details such as the over-textured umbrella and lime wedge, and the oddly placed straw.

Original logo concept

Final Concept

Refine, refine, refine.

To balance out the umbrella and straw details, there are little embellishments on the grail. We opted out of the lime wedge as it was getting crowded, and instead added a sunset behind to tie together the relationship between food, culture, and comfort.

Final logo concept

Business Card Mockup with Logo

Business card mockup
Specific details blocked for the purpose of this portfolio