Malia's Creations

Malia's creations

My client, Luana, always had a passion for crocheting Hawaiian “forever leis” for special events like graduation, birthdays, and weddings.  What started as a hobby is quickly turning into a small business of her own that she wants to share with others. 


We worked together to come up with a design that is both timeless and also showcases her business’ niche—silk crochet rosettes. Many sketches and revisions later, I came up with a logo that is both colorful, creative, and represents Luana’s home state of Hawaii.

logo explained

Luana came to me with the idea of using her signature flower crochet pattern as the main focal point for her logo without it resembling Celtic knots. The representation of Hawaii was also really important. We decided to go with a colorful and bold rainbow color scheme (since Hawaii is known as the “rainbow state”) and keeping the text a dark blue color for legibility. The Hawaiian Island chain begins with the Big Island as a larger rosette then working its way down, becoming smaller and utilizing less “stitches” to resemble the rest of the chain.

brand uses in the wild for malia's creations

Tissue paper mockup
Tissue paper print to wrap leis in for delivery
Business card mockup
t-shirt mockup
I am so happy with the portfolio of concepts that I was presented with! Jasmyn is very easy to work with and had a great understanding of how I wanted to market my business. Jasmyn was able to integrate the ideas I had envisioned and incorporated a very subtle, culturally friendly, and professional design for a logo to showcase my forever lei hobby business. Mahalo Jasmyn!