media arts page

Media Arts web pages Redesign

During my time in the Pacific University Media Arts (PUMA) program, I was tasked with mocking-up a new layout for the Media Arts department. The Media Arts pages were outdated compared to the other majors, and the department wished to show student successes to attract more students to their offered Majors and Minors.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goals of this project was to increase the interest in the Media Arts programs at Pacific University. This will be achieved through curating a better user experience for the Majors and Minors pages, creating an About page for the department, and establishing their online presence through Instagram and Facebook.


I conducted a survey for my data gathering summary and concluded that the current state of the department’s online presence was very weak due to the difficult navigation and lack of information of the programs.

sub menu mockup
Updated sub-menu mockup


Landing page mockup

Project Outcome

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we were not able to implement the new and improved changes to Pacific’s website, and I lost access since I was no longer a student. Regardless, this project was essential in my understanding of UX/UI design.