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Pineapple Cactus Podcast

Pineapple Cactus is a podcast available on multiple streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Anchor, and many more). It was important to create a strong and recognizable logo and branding.

The Pineapple Cactus Podcast follows two 20-something-year-olds on their discussions of everything and anything. Our conversations range anywhere from unpopular opinions to our favorite memories with each other to subtly roasting each other with love. We have so many interesting conversations on the phone that we decided to record our discussions and share them with the public for their entertainment, and we mean that in the most non-narcissistic way. We have a bunch of episodes planned and hope you like, share, and subscribe to our podcasts and that you enjoy the ride along the way.

Working with the Client

With a brand that’s very personal, I wanted the end result to be a logo that really spoke to the personality and brand of the clients. The first step was the typography. My clients were very keen to the idea of using their handwriting rather than a pre-generated font. The color scheme also plays a big part in the “pineapple” and “cactus” theme. The end result perfectly gives off calm, desert radio vibes.

Instagram Post Mockup Example